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Feature Ideas

We feel that FeedMail has the basics covered and are looking into what we can support next. We don't want to become too bloated but think there is room for a few more features!

Here are some ideas that we are considering. If any of these ideas appeal to you please message support and let us know we can then prioritize the popular features..

PGP Encrypted Notifications

While FeedMail requires access to the feed contents in order to check for new items, we could keep your email provider out of the loop by encrypting the subject and message body.

Please also let us know how you would like to use this feature. Would you use a key per account, email address or subscription?

Automatic Subscription Backups

While FeedMail performs our own backups some users want control of their own data in case the worst happens. Would you be interested in getting an OPML export of your subscriptions emailed to you monthly, yearly or some other interval? Or would you like to have them backed up another way?

2 Factor Authentication

2FA is a great way to improve your security. For example even if someone learns your password they can't access your account. This is done by using two "factors" to authenticate you. This is typically a password like today, plus something else. Common examples would be security keys, one-time codes or HSM auth based on fingerprint or face-recognition.

Part of the complication for FeedMail is that as we primarily send email we need to stop sending messages if the owner of the email address asks us to. This means that even if we implemented 2FA someone with access to your email address would be able to delete your account or remove the affected email addresses. So this only provides marginal extra security.

Is this important to you? And what type of second factors would you like to see? WebAuthn? TOTP?

Third-Party Login

Would you find it convenient to log in with OpenID providers, Google, GitHub or SAML? Which providers would you like to see.

Note that this is also beholden to the complications as 2FA. Whoever controls the email will at least be able to delete the account.

More Powerful Filters

Right now FeedMail supports filtering only by category. This provides a very nice experience when the feed has categories. Unfortunately not all feeds have categories!

Originally the idea of FeedMail is that you can use the powerful filtering of your mail provider instead of basic filtering on the service. However many popular providers don't provide a filter mechanism that would work well for categories, so we added support in FeedMail.

However some providers have very basic filters and it is a bit of a waste to send messages that will just be filtered out, so we are considering adding more advanced filter support such as regex matching on title, body and more.

Let us know if you are interested and what type of filters you would like to create.


While individual messages make it easier to read, filter and delete entries one-by-one some feeds update very often and that can get expensive. Or some users just prefer to get their updates at a specific time of day.

No one on our team is interested in digests so we would really appreciate any feedback with your use cases so that we can make a feature that works for you.

Other Ideas?

If you have other things you would like to see in FeedMail feel free to reach out and share your ideas with our support team. We can't promise that we implement everything but we will track interest and prioritize the popular ideas.


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