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Digest Style Improvements

We have recently made some small improvements to digest emails. These features will be available in future digests to all users. No action is required on your part. Digests will now contain a table-of-contents at the top of the email. This provides a short summary of what to expect and in some mail clients you will be able to click items in the table of contents to jump directly to that feed or entry. The table of contents will not be shown if all of the subscriptions in the digest have the "No Content" option enabled. Digests will now show the categories of each entry. This provides a quick overview of what to expect for each post as well as indicates how the posts can be filtered. (Click on the category chip to jump straight to the filter settings for that feed.) As always; if you have any feedback about this change or other suggestions feel free to reach out to our support team , we are always happy to chat.