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Privacy Policy

I'm happy to announce that FeedMail now has a documented privacy policy. This is our commitment to you that we don't sell your data or use it in any way other than as needed to operate, maintain and improve our service. Additionally we commit to not using your contact information for marketing purposes. That means that we won't spam you. If you want to stay up-to-date on FeedMail updates and product feature be sure to follow this blog . View the full details at .

How to Subscribe to YouTube via Email

YouTube disabled native email notifications in August 2020 . Luckily FeedMail lets you get these notifications back, and they are better than ever! Why Email Notifications? At FeedMail were are a huge fan of email notifications! Synced across all of your devices. Easy to sort and filter. Very customizable. You can decide if you want them to buzz your phone, ding your computer, both, or quietly file into a folder for you to check when you have some downtime. One place for all of your updates. No need to remember to log into YouTube, Odysee, Vimeo, PeerTube and Nebula on every device. Better than Native? We think so! No need to create a YouTube account. Per-video notifications, no batching to mess up your filters and workflow. You can pick a different email address for each channel for easy filtering. Not everything needs to go to your primary address. Instructions Find the channel that you want to subscribe to. If you are watching a video you can get to the channel but clicking the cha