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Faster Updates

FeedMail has never had a user-configurable update rate option. This is because it never made sense to us. Why would you want anything but the fastest option? Update rate also isn't really a user-facing concern, it is more of an implementation detail. Users don't care how polling works, they just want to get their news. By keeping this decision internal it gives us the flexibility to introduce features such as instant updates via WebSub without requiring users to manually update their feed configuration. We've recently made another improvement by reducing our poll rate limit from 15min to 5min. No action required on your part, your feeds are already updating faster. This means that you will get your updates three times faster for feeds that allow it. We have also adjusted the poll rate we use when feeds don't specify anything from 1h to as low as 5min for fast feeds. The effect of these changes is significant. Excluding WebSub feeds (which are always updated in real-tim