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Replace FeedBurner Email Subscriptions with FeedMail

In July 2021 Google disabled FeedBurner's email notification feature . This was used by many blogs to let their users subscribe by email. It was especially common with Blogger users via the "FollowByEmail widget" which was backed by FeedBurner. There are many alternatives for this widget with different feature sets. FeedMail is one option worth considering. In fact FeedBurner's shutdown was one of the motivating factors for the creation of FeedMail! Our founder wanted to provide email subscriptions to his blog, but all of the available options were expensive, difficult, had ads or were loaded with non-optional tracking links. Pros Multiple cost options: Free for the publisher. Each user that subscribes using FeedMail gets 400 updates free. (Or 1000 if you use a referral code ). This means that if you post weekly your users will be able to subscribe for more than 7 years at no cost. Paid by the publisher. Click here for information on how you can provide your users fre

Referral Program

FeedMail now has a referral program. We are experimenting with the exact details but the current benefits are: The people you refer get 1000 free credits (instead of the regular 400). You get 1000 free credits when someone you refer signs up and verifies their email address. You get an extra 4000 credits if they stay past their trial and become a FeedMail customer. These bonuses may change as we understand how they are used and try to combat abuse. Find the most up-to-date information at the Referral Program FAQ .