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Ability to Make Digests the Default for New Subscriptions

It is now possible to set a digest as your default subscription target. This will make new subscriptions go to the selected digest by default. To make use of this new feature simple head over to the Default Subscription Target section of the Your Account page. From there you can select a digest as the default target for new subscriptions or change the target back to any email on your account.

FeedMail Support Outage

It was recently discovered that the FeedMail support address was rejecting messages. These support requests have not been received. This situation has now been resolved. If you require support please re-send your request . There are no currently open requests awaiting responses. Any request sent in the past has been lost. We are very sorry about this loss of support. FeedMail strives to respond to all requests within one business day. Typically we respond within a few hours. We don't know the exact time that this started, but we noticed a configuration change that affected the intended email address. It is likely that this change occurred on 2024-04-02 as some other support settings were being adjusted at that time. This would mean that for the past 6 weeks support messages were being lost. Our testing shows that users should have received a rejection message with the subject " [Rejected] " followed by the original subject. And the following body: Unfortunately, your emai

Digest Style Improvements

We have recently made some small improvements to digest emails. These features will be available in future digests to all users. No action is required on your part. Digests will now contain a table-of-contents at the top of the email. This provides a short summary of what to expect and in some mail clients you will be able to click items in the table of contents to jump directly to that feed or entry. The table of contents will not be shown if all of the subscriptions in the digest have the "No Content" option enabled. Digests will now show the categories of each entry. This provides a quick overview of what to expect for each post as well as indicates how the posts can be filtered. (Click on the category chip to jump straight to the filter settings for that feed.) As always; if you have any feedback about this change or other suggestions feel free to reach out to our support team , we are always happy to chat.

Delay on YouTube Feeds

Most YouTube feeds have not sent new notifications since 2023-10-02 14:20 UTC. We will be triggering a manual YouTube feeds over the next hour and all missing notifications will be sent. If you have any missing notifications after 2023-10-05 14:00 UTC please reach out to support. Update 14:00 : All updates have been sent. If you believe that you are still missing updates feel free to reach out. The rest of this post is a technical analysis of the issue. Background This was caused due to recent emergency response to YouTube WebSub notifications. The emergency response was necessary is due to the following factors. YouTube WebSub posts are not spec compliant and do not contain the required information to send notifications. Therefore FeedMail uses these notifications as a "ping" to re-fetch the feed. YouTube often sends notifications before the entries appear in the feed. The exact reason is not known but sometimes entries do not appear for up to an hour after the WebSub push.

Share to Subscribe

FeedMail can now be installed as an app on your phone. The main benefit of doing so is that you can share URLs to FeedMail to quickly subscribe. If you are reading an interesting article or blog post simple share the URL to the FeedMail app to subscribe! This uses the share_target API which is currently only supported by Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge (except on iOS where these browsers are based on Safari). You can still install and use FeedMail as an app on other browsers, but it will not be able to receive links for quick subscription. You can also share links to FeedMail from any app or browser no matter which browser it is installed from. Installing FeedMail To enable this share menu item you first need to install FeedMail as an app. This only needs to be done once. Open in a supporting browser and select "Install App" or "Add to Home Screen" from the menu. Then follow any prompts to complete installation.

Invalid DKIM Signature for Some Mail

As of 2023-07-26 FeedMail messages sent via AWS SES have an invalid DKIM signature. This may result in messages ending up in your spam folder. This is an ongoing issue and updates will be posted here as they are available. 2023-09-25 We have issue an update that should avoid SES re-formatting signed fields. This is a workaround but should result in valid signatures. Who is affected? This is unlikely to affect most of our users for the following reasons: 97% of our mail is sent by us directly, not via AWS. This mail still has a SPF-verified sending IP. However this may still affect users because spam filters may consider these messages less "good" than they would have been with a valid DKIM signature. The most notable Inbox Providers affected by this are Apple and Microsoft. FeedMail uses AWS SES for these providers as they reject all messages from our network provider. However other smaller providers may also have a portion of their messages sent via AWS SES. 

Email Headers

FeedMail now sets some email headers that advanced users can use to filter the messages that FeedMail sends. For example you can filter notifications in a specific category into a different folder. The headers that we set are documented in the FAQ . These headers have been being set on notifications for a few months now so you can use past messages to test your filters. If you have any questions, or would like to see other headers set to help your filtering please let us know .