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Real-time Updates for YouTube

 FeedMail now supports real-time updates for YouTube channel feeds. This means that you can get notified of new videos from your favourite channels within seconds of them going live. Finally it will be your turn to comment "First!" To subscribe to a YouTube channel with FeedMail simply go to the Add a Subscription page and paste the channel URL (example: ) into the URL field. Using FeedMail is a great way to follow your favourite creators. No "algorithm" to influence you. Watch what you want and never miss an upload. Videos from different platforms all end up in the same place, making it easy to follow creators no matter where they post. Also a great way to ease off of YouTube if you aren't a fan. Use multiple email addresses or filters to make your subscriptions work the way you want. This may sound like the WebSub support that we recently announced . However YouTube doesn't follow the WebSub standar

Launching WebSub Support

 FeedMail now supports WebSub ! WebSub is a standard for real-time updates on the web. Feeds that support WebSub will have updates delivered to your email within seconds! No action is required to take advantage of these faster updates. For feed-owners WebSub means less resource usage as subscribers check for updates less often. If your feed doesn't yet support WebSub you should consider implementing it. It is easy and free! WebSub powered updates are currently being rolled out slowly and will be expanded to more and more supporting feeds over the next couple of days. Updates to our FAQ and Feed Owner FAQ are also incoming to answer common questions. In the meantime if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on this post or email your questions to our support team . Update: As of 2021-Dec-14 WebSub is active for all feeds that support it.