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Bulk Editing

FeedMail now has some options for bulk editing. You can edit the following attributes of multiple subscriptions at the same time: Target (which email or digest the subscription notifies). Notification body (feed content, scraped full-text or no content). We hope this is helpful, especially for users moving between email addresses or moving lots of subscriptions to digests.

No body notification option.

Previously FeedMail provided two options for notification bodies: Content from the feed. Attempt to scrape content from the linked website. A third option is now available which includes no content in notifications. This can be useful to reduce email size or if you prefer reading articles in your browser anyways. This option is especially useful for digests. By setting subscriptions in a digest to "No Content" you can get a headlines-only digest. Or you can keep content for some short content like micro blogging but just get headlines for news sources with longer articles. Simply go to your subscription management page to change this setting. You can find a link at the bottom of each email notification.

One Year of FeedMail

Hi, It's Kevin, the founder of FeedMail. Wow, time really flies. I missed FeedMail's birthday by a couple of days. On November 2nd 2021 I announced FeedMail publicly . At the beginning I was going to make FeedMail just for myself. An RSS-to-email service that fit my needs. However I also wanted a way to provide email-subscriptions to my blog. I decided to roll these together and make FeedMail publicly available. This necessitated some extra features such as signup and billing but I think it was the right choice. One year later I'm pretty happy with what FeedMail has become. Features I feel that FeedMail has all of the core features it needs. There are a few customer requests and some UX improvements in the queue but it seems that we now cover most features that someone would want out of a RSS-to-email service. The last big feature was releasing digests two months ago and with that our the door we are don't have any other major changes on the roadmap. Of course if were