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Providing Email Subscriptions to your Readers with FeedMail

If you offer a blog with an RSS feed you can reach more users by offering email subscription as well.

FeedMail provides an easy-to-integrate newsletter that has no cost to you. Just select one of the implementation strategies below.

Implementation Options


The easiest option is to provide a link to the subscribe page. First got to the FeedMail New Subscription page.

Enter your website's URL and click "Go". 

Then copy the URL from your browser's address bar. This the the URL to subscribe to your website! It should look something like

You can then link to that URL from your site. For example if you are using raw HTML in your design it would look something like:
<a href="">Click here to subscribe by email.</a>

 Subscribe Button

To use a button simply add the following code to your website.

<form action=""> 
<input type=hidden name=url value="https://your-site.example/feed.xml">
<button>Subscribe via Email</button>

Just update the URL to point at your site or feed.


Do My Readers Have to Pay?

It is up to you.

By default FeedMail is a paid service. We offer 400 free updates to new users. Depending on your update frequency users can likely subscribe for years before they need to pay.

Alternatively you can choose to cover the costs of your subscribers. Click here for information on how you can provide your users free subscription.

Can I Access Subscribe Stats or Contact Info?

You can not. User privacy is important to FeedMail and our privacy policy forbids us from sharing this information with third-parties.

FeedMail is great for easy setup but if you want more information on subscribes you should consider a different service instead.

How Fast Will Messages Go Out?

For information about FeedMail processes your feed check out our Feed Owner FAQ.


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